Canine Beachside Essentials

Canine Beachside Essentials

Canine Beachside Essentials

With the long-awaited arrival of summer, we’ve been enjoying doggy days out at the beach. Our full range of pooch-friendly accessories and canine beachside essentials make beach days easy, ensuring optimum comfort and enjoyment not only for us, but also our pups.

Wondering what to bring for a dog-friendly beach day? Here is our packing list of canine beachside essentials: 


Getting there

Make getting to the seaside easy, with our range of slings, strollers and backpacks. Never again do you have to worry about getting from A to B(each).

Slickers Slings

Slickers Slings are the perfect solution when it comes to carrying your furry companion. They’re hands free, comfortable and well-suited to small and medium-sized dogs. Available in a range of colours, denim and even waterproof materials, Slickers dog slings have you covered for beach days no matter the season.

Innopet strollers

Made from high-standard materials with corrosion resistant wheels, our pet strollers make it easy to move young pups and senior dogs around. With 360 degree manoeuvrability and state of the art suspension, they take on any beach terrain ensuring a comfortable ride. Complete with a handy storage compartment below and a zippable pup-carrying compartment above, they make it hassle-free to carry everything you need whilst also keeping your dog in the shade. 



Prefer to work up a sweat en route to the seaside, or perhaps cycling there on your bike? Our K9 backpacks mean long-distance is no obstacle, allowing you to take on more strenuous activities with your furry friend. Complete with storage pockets, doggy lumbar support straps and coming in a wide range of sizes from extra small to extra large, our backpacks are ideal for adventure pups, meaning they never have to leave your side.



What to wear 

On the beach we’re exposed to the elements, which means our dogs are too. Our range of beach-friendly essentials mean your pets can be comfortable and safe all day long. 


For those who love a dip in the ocean, who says your dogs don’t want to join in too? Perfect for smaller dogs, older dogs or those with less confidence, our lifejackets mean you can swim with peace of mind. Whether you’re teaching your pooch how to doggy paddle or simply using it as a safety precaution, our X2 Boost Dog Lifejacket will help your dog stay safe around water.


Dog sunscreen

Protect your dog’s skin from harmful UV rays with our natural Sunscreen Spray. Tested to the highest standards and FDA approved, it is both non-toxic and non-oily. Spray directly onto the body, or onto hands first when applying to more precise areas and your pooch’s face. It even comes with added Aloe Vera, which moisturises the skin and coat.


Dog boots

Designed to protect paws from extreme environments, our Grip Trex Dog Boots are a beach-side essential. Ensuring furry feet are safe from harmful debris, glass and hot sand, their rubber outsoles are suitable for varied terrains. Breathable mesh uppers provide ventilation, whilst the closure system provides a secure and comfortable fit even when wet. These boots are also great for adventure dogs, who accompany humans on hikes, bikes and runs.


Cool coats

Preventing your dog from overheating is a must for a day spent outdoors. Our KeepCool Dog Coats and Ruff and Tumble Cool Coats use innovative technology to do just that. Simply soak the coat in water, wring it out and put it on your dog. The high-tech fabric uses evaporative cooling technology to regulate your dog's heat without getting them wet.

Cool Mats 

For an extra dose of cooling power, try out our cool mats. Appropriate for use at the beach or home, they are designed to be 5 to 10 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. Filled with a non-toxic gel, they can be used for an hour at a time. To reset, leave them unused for one hour, after which they can be used again.


Dog rash vest 

An alternative to doggy sunscreen, protect your dog from the sun with an EzyDog Rash Vest. Available in either red or blue, they also ensure your dog can be seen from far away. Offering 50+ UV sun protection they are the perfect accessory to a hot sunny day. They are also stretch-to-fit, fast drying and odour resistant, made with easy to wash fabric.

Doggy beach day essentials

Don’t forget the essentials when taking your dog for a day out. These eco-friendly and easy-to-use accessories are a must when heading to the beach.

Water bottles and bowls 

Ensure your furry friend is hydrated with our range of water bottles, collapsible bowls and roll-a-bowls. All designed to take up minimal space whilst on the move, they are a beach day (and everyday!) essential.


Floating toys

A day at the beach isn’t complete without our favourite ocean-side games. Keep your dog entertained with our floating toy collection, including balls, flying discs, or ‘toss and tug’. Your pets will also love the Castaway Recycled Float Tuggy Toy, made in Cornwall from recycled waste collected from around the coast.



Poop bags and dispensers

Leave no trace with our zero waste, home-compostable Dog Poo Bags made from non-genetically modified cornstarch. Suitable for all dog sizes, they are made to be durable to ensure they won’t break. Pair them up with the Beco Poop Bag Dispenser which can be easily attached to leads or bags. Made from post-consumer recycled materials, they give plastic a second life, encouraging its collection and reuse.

For more information on Slickers Slings, visit our website here. Slickers Slings are all manufactured in the UK, supporting British businesses.

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