Waterproof Dog Slings

Type: Dog Carrier
Strap Length

Introducing our NEW Waterproof Dog Slings.

Inspired by our original dog slings, but with added features and a waterproof fabric to keep your dog warm and dry in the rainy weather.

Medium comfortably fits most dogs weighing up to 6kg. Large slings are 5 inches deeper and 5 inches wider than the medium and comfortably fits most dogs up to 12kg.  The Strap comes in two lengths Regular which is 30 inches and Long which is 35 inches.  The sling evenly distributes the weight of your dog, making it easier than ever to carry them. Whether you use it for public transport, to keep young pups by your side, or to help older dogs keep up on those long summer walks, the sling can be used all day relieving tension in your neck, back, shoulders and arms.

After listening to your requests, the slings now have a handy pocket on the strap for your phone for easy access. It also includes a rain cover for your little one to hide under if they're having 40 winks or just need to take shelter from the rain. An incorporated eyelet strap allows you to secure the cover down, or alternatively keep it loose depending on your pups needs.

Finally, for added security we incorporated an adjustable clip restraint to keep your dog secure. As well as D-Rings on the inside and the outside of the sling in order to attach accessories such as treat bags.