Slickers loves....wintry walk essentials

Slickers loves....wintry walk essentials

Slickers loves....wintry walk essentials

Don’t let the weather deter your winter walkies. We have some great recommendations for getting clean, warm and dry after your adventure.

When you return home after a wintry walk, we recommend you keep a Scruffs® Noodle Dry Mat on threshold. The chenille ‘noodles’ create extra surface area that soaks up moisture just like a sponge, while improving airflow for a reduced drying time.

Drying mits are ideal if you don’t want to wrestle with a towel. You just pop them on to dry your dog’s paws and once finished they can go in the washing machine. They’re available in lots of bright colours too!

Ruff and Tumble’s dog drying coats are perfect for using after a wet and windy walk. Inspired by horse blankets, these double thickness drying coats are easy to take on and off and look stylish as well.

If your walk’s been a really muddy one, then why not treat your hound to a bath using one of Fur Baby’s fresh smelling, dog-specific shampoos and conditioners. They contain natural ingredients, including essential oils, and smell divine.

For the ultimate in rainy day kit, the Karcher OC3 Mobile Dog Washer can be kept in the car and used to rinse off your dog. Its low pressure water system is safe and gentle, simply rinsing any dirt out of the fur.




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