Keep your dog safe, happy and healthy this Christmas

Keep your dog safe, happy and healthy this Christmas

Keep your dog safe, happy and healthy this Christmas

Tree safety

If you have a real tree, ensure that the fallen needles are regularly vacuumed up as if they get stuck into little paws it can make them really sore. Decorations need to be out of reach of your pooch so there’s no temptation for chewing something they shouldn’t, especially the Christmas tree lights!


The perfect present

Keeping presents under the tree isn’t advisable if you have a dog in the house as you just might find that your beautifully wrapped gifts might be too tempting to your pooch and be opened early!


Tasty treats

Although your Christmas dinner may look very tempting to your dog, it’s best enjoyed by humans alone. Turkey bones can be very dangerous if ingested and chocolates, sultanas and raisins are highly poisonous to dogs. It’s better to buy some dog-specific treats or, like reindeers, dogs love a healthy carrot or two.


Keeping the noise down

It may be that this is the first time in a while that you have entertained and so your dog might not be used to having lots of new people in the house; Christmas parties can be overwhelming or over-exciting for your dog, so make sure there is somewhere quiet and comfortable for your pup to retreat to if it all gets too much. Similarly, Christmas crackers, party poppers and celebratory fireworks can all be quite scary for your pooch.

Walkies and waggy tails

Christmas can be a time of year when we all hunker down and enjoy time indoors with family and friends, but don’t forget that your dog still needs to be exercised regularly – whatever the weather. Wrap up warm and work off that extra mince pie with a bracing winter walk and your dog will be the happiest hound ever!


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