Slickers loves… Slickers Slings!

Long walks are part and parcel of life with a dog, however some are more up for long distances than others. Smaller breeds often don’t have the legs to keep up with their human companions, while other, older furry friends may simply not have the endless energy levels that they once did. Either way, if you’re hoping to get out and about in the approaching warmer months and have your pooch along for the ride, whatever the distance, then a sling is a fantastic solution.
Seamlessly blending quality with strength, we have a superb range of dog carriers, all manufactured here in the UK and made from materials of the highest quality. And if it’s a sling you’re looking for, we have two types of our own brand for you to choose from: standard, and waterproof.
Stylish, comfortable and made from strong, durable materials, our standard slings come in sizes medium and large. Medium fits most dogs up to 6kg, while large slings accommodate most dogs up to 12kg. They evenly distribute the weight of your furry friend, making it easier than ever to carry them, and whether you use it for public transport, to keep young pups by your side, or to help older dogs keep up on those long spring walks, it can be used all day, relieving tension in your neck, back, shoulders and arms.
Our waterproof slings enjoy all of these same features, but also benefit from a waterproof fabric to keep your dog warm and dry, as well as a host of other nifty new features. Firstly, after listening to requests from our customers, the slings now have a handy pocket on the strap, giving you easy access to your phone. It also includes a rain cover for your pooch to hide under, and an incorporated eyelet strap allows you to secure the cover down – or keep it up. Finally, for added security, we’ve incorporated an adjustable clip restraint to keep your dog secure, as well as D-rings on the inside and outside of the sling, perfect for attaching accessories such as treat bags.

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