Slickers loves...Beco

Slickers loves...Beco

Slickers loves...Beco

The current climate crisis is a threat to both humans and animals alike and we’re delighted to have discovered a brand that aligns with our own ethos of sustainability. With an ethos of ‘love your dog, love your planet’ we just knew that we wanted to stock their products. All of their products aim to minimalise environmental impact and to preserve the great outdoors which is so vital to all dogs and their owners. Did you know that over 100 million poops have been scooped in a Beco poo bag?

Not only are their products amazing, as a company they are committed to giving back to the planet. Using the latest technology helps the Beco-geeks to get the best from nature while their reducing carbon footprint. Sustainable materials come in the form of bamboo, natural rubber, recycled plastic and cornstarch, which define Beco products.

Products are ethically sourced from a trusted selection of growers and producers and initiatives such as swapping out wild boar for other red meat has alone reduced their carbon footprint by 466 tonnes! In line with our own ethos, Beco products are also designed to last.

When you buy Beco, you know it’s doing the planet good – 1% of their revenue is donated to projects that protect, preserve and restore. They’ve maxed out on solar panels at their London warehouse, alongside running a fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles as well as drawing on air source heat pumps to keep their workers toasty.

And that’s not all, the Beco team organises regular street, beach and park cleans, takes part in fund raising events for their favourite animal and environmental causes, as well as exceeding the criteria of the Better Chicken Commitment.

Buy better, buy Beco

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