Santa Paws: Top Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Santa Paws: Top Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Santa Paws: Top Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Christmas is just around the corner and the pitter patter of Santa paws is growing ever closer! To make Christmas extra special for your dog this year, why not consider getting some special presents just for them? Afterall, it’s hard to find more loyal and deserving friends than our tufty-eared pals. Fortunately, we stock a whole range of Christmas gifts just for dogs that you can wrap up and pop beneath the tree, from enrichment toys to tasty treats to the latest doggy fashions.

Helping you say Feliz Navidog to your canine friend, here are our Top Christmas Gifts for Dogs:

Toys and Games

Dog toys for Christmas

What dog doesn’t have a ball playing with toys and games? Whether your dog is a cuddler, a player or a rough-and-tumbler, toys and games are a brilliant way to provide them with comfort and entertainment. If you have a sighthound or a retriever in your pack, toys like Beco Balls and Flyers offer hours of fun, while the Chuckit Max Glow Launcher takes your throwing game to the next level. A handy bonus, on the off chance you happen to drop your launcher stick or catapult it into the nether beyond in a bout of over excitement, the no-battery, glow in the dark lighting will help you find it in no time (if your dog doesn’t find it first!). 

If your dog prefers more interactive play with you, then toys like the Rope Ball and Jungle Rings are great options to pop on your list to Santa Paws. With both of these toys made from natural materials, they are better for your pup, better for the environment and much more durable than many high street alternatives. Of course, not every dog wants to play ruff, and more laidback breeds and senior dogs may be perfectly content with a toy to nibble on or cuddle up to. In that case, a Tommy the Turtle or soft Teddy will be a wonderful companion for leisurely hours curled up at home.   

Training and Enrichment

Dog training gift for Christmas

No matter the breed, all dogs benefit from training and enrichment. Essential to the wellbeing of your dog and strengthening the bond between you, training and enrichment exercises can have positive effects on your dog’s confidence, weight, behaviour, focus and concentration, among many other things. Canny breeds like terriers and herding dogs are particularly receptive and are quick to pick up tricks and commands. For a Christmas gift you can both enjoy, pick up a professional whistle, clicker and a trusty Snakpack full of rewards and treat your canine chum to plenty of one-to-one attention. It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!

For more enrichment in the home, puzzle toys and interactive bowls can also be an effective way to slow down fast easters and test your dog’s cunning. Gift your hound a food maze this Christmas for a challenging yet fun way to enjoy their grub and watch them work out the best tactics. In addition, natural rubber chew bones are also pawsome, hiding treats in the centre of a hollowed out bone to keep your four-legged friend happily occupied. Especially popular amongst scent hounds, you can even use these bones in a ‘hunting’ experience for your dog, playing games like hide and seek. 

Food and Treats 

Dog snacks for Christmas

Like their doting human companions, dogs love to indulge in a drool-worthy snack or two over the festive period. So why not fill your waggy-tailed pal’s stocking with some yummy nibbles? A sure-fire way to your dog’s heart, the best goodies are always the most natural, organic and full of flavour. Well, with their incredible sense of smell and finely tuned tastebuds, there’s no fooling our canine connoisseurs! Antler chews, yak snacks, iced woofins, buffalo bites and Cornish fishcakes are but some of the things we have in our pet pantry that will get your pooch’s chops watering in anticipation. 

Of course, titbits are always fun, but a well-balanced diet is also really important. The pawfect time to set your dog up for the New Year ahead, you can stock up on eco-conscious, nutritious wet and dry food for your dog and give them daily doses of merriment. If you think food-related gifts will go down well, you can also consider incorporating more games. More foodie enrichment ideas like the 2-in-1 Slow Feeder and Lick Pad will add an extra dimension to your dog’s mealtimes and can be smeared in dog-friendly treats like peanut butter for extra indulgence.

Clothes and Accessories

Winter dog coast for Christmas present

One of the best bits about winter is wrapping up in cosy layers: pulling on thick socks, zipping up warm coats and donning hats and gloves to take care of the extremities. But it’s not just us humans who feel the chill. All doggies are susceptible to the cold with some breeds like whippets and greyhounds especially vulnerable. For a practical and stylish Christmas present for your dog, why not ask Santa Paws for a lovely dog-friendly coat? From timeless tweeds to thermal reflectives to adorable beach pullovers, we have a fetching array of styles and sizes for you to protect your pups from the elements as they chase tails and trace trails. 

Completing the ensemble, a collection of leads, collars and harnesses combine practicality and pizzazz for the ultimutt creature comforts. Choose a harness for strong dogs who are prone to pulling or for fluffies who suffer from coughs for a great way to transform long strolls along the beach and ambles through frost-tinged countryside. Or, choose a smart doggy bandana to turn heads and add a splash of Sartorialist vibes to your walks. Speaking of walkies, for furry friends who need a pickup, dog slings are the way to go. Whether your buddy is slowing down as they advance in years or they need a helping paw, these sturdy fabric and waterproof slings will take the weight off for a while and bring you closer, step by step. 

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