Best Winter Activities to do with Your Dog

Best Winter Activities to do with Your Dog

Best Winter Activities to do with Your Dog

In the depths of winter, keeping your dog enriched can feel like a bit of a challenge. With limited daylight hours and sometimes gloomy weather, a little ingenuity is required to keep things fun and fresh. Fortunately, we know just the dog-friendly winter activities that will stop you both from getting restless and lead to hours of entertainment, from crisp winter walks to the best doggy recipes in town.

Winter Walks

Winter dog walks

As the Scandinavians say: there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. While there may be some holes in this argument, we largely support the sentiment and think that winter in the UK is a wonderful time to head out for invigorating walkies. From riverside strolls to woodland walks to beach wanders, there are all sorts of beautiful locations that will take you off the beaten track and allow your four-legged friend to let off steam. And, keeping the sage Scandie advice in mind, we stock a range of beautiful doggy winter weather gear to keep the cold out and the warmth in.

Indoor Games

dog playing with toys

To make your time at home more exciting, why not introduce your dog to some fun indoor games? Fear not – we don’t mean the ball-throwing, window-smashing kind of games. From hiding your dog’s favourite toy (or yourself) around the house in an inside version of hide n’ seek, to filling up a Kong or a chew bone with hard-to-reach treats, to playing gentle games of tug-of-war, there are all manner of indoor activities you can try to beat off the winter blues. With a good mix of joint and self-guided play, you can keep your dog mentally stimulated whatever the weather. For inspiration, see our range of dog toys. Crucially, it should also help to keep your curious furry friend from nibbling on household belongings instead!

Dog-Friendly Treats

Giving a dog a treat

Dogs love treats, especially after a long walk or playing session. With dog treats it is important to find something healthy and suitable for your dog. Unfortunately, flour and dairy products are not great for dogs so we can't just give them what we like to eat. Instead, look for healthy, organic snacks with ingredients that won't upset your pet's digestive system.We have a number of healthy tasty treats in stock, including the popular, low calorie iced woofins, that you can treat them with.

Tricks and Training

Dog training in winter

Grey, rainy days are ideal for practising training skills with your dog and can be just as effective as long walks in the park for using up excess energy. If your doe-eyed pal is already a dab-paw at the basics like sit, lie and stay, you can always try more difficult commands like speak, spin and pick up to really get them thinking. Introduced in small doses and rewarded with plenty of praise and nibbles, this is a brilliant dog-friendly winter activity that will thrill you both and strengthen your bond. To help you along the way, you can also purchase lots of specialised training products like dog whistles, training leashes and snack-packs too.

Dog-Friendly Attractions

Walking the dog in winter

Getting to know the local dog-friendly attractions in your area can be a great way of adding more adventure to your weekends. On crisp, clear winter days, nothing is more enchanting than walking through the grounds of a regal National Trust estate or exploring the frost-tinged depths of a public garden with your dog. Dog leads may be required at some attractions. With all kinds of scents to follow, fellow pups to meet and sights to check out, both you and your fluffy chum will feel the benefits. Take a browse of your nearby attractions and pencil in some favourites that are open throughout the year.

Snuggle Time

Woman and dog on sofa 

Once the sun dips beyond the horizon and the temperature starts to drop, there is really nothing better than winding down at home with your best friend. Tired out from a wintry stroll, your dog will love nothing more than curling up close to you in a happy half-sleep. To make them as comfortable as possible during your hours at home, why not treat your dog to a new snuggle blanket or extra squidgy bed this winter? After all, from Bichons to Bulldogs and from Labradors to Leonbergers, all dogs need somewhere special to call their own.

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