Lintbells YuDigest and YuDigest PLUS Dog Supplement


Comes in  60 tab pack for YuDigest and 6 sachets for YuDigest PLUS.

Lintbells is a UK based company dedicated to improving the health of dogs, cats and horses, founded on sound nutritional science and focused on high quality and performance, the supplements deliver the promised health benefits to your pet.

YuDigest Dog Supplement

5 signs of healthy digestion in dogs and cats:

  • Firm stools
  • Reduced wind
  • Good appetite
  • Shiny coat
  • Good overall health

Remember if you're using YuDIGEST Dog - keep a pack of YuDIGEST PLUS for Dogs close by for fast-acting support for sensitive digestion. Always helpful if you're going away and on the move.

How does YuDIGEST work?

YuDIGEST is packed with the finest quality active ingredients to help keep your pet’s tummy in tip-top shape. Our unique BioActiv supplements bolster the natural population of bacteria in your pet’s digestive system. They compete with ‘bad’ bacteria for nutrients and block points where the pathogens try to attach. Meanwhile, prebiotics – a special type of carbohydrate – benefit your pet by supporting ‘good’ bacteria. Each tablet provides probiotic E. faecium good bacteria, plus a BioActiv prebiotic complex of MOS, scFOS and Beta Glucans. These active ingredients work together to maintain a healthy natural balance in your pet’s digestive system to keep their tummies on track.


Fast-acting digestive support for dogs and cats

If your dog has sensitive digestion, keep YuDIGEST PLUS close by. Gentle, natural and effective, it provides fast digestive support.

  • Vet-strength probiotics for dogs and cats
  • Fast-acting digestive support
  • Maintain natural balance
  • Tops up good bacteria
  • Binds bacteria and toxins

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