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Lintbells YuCALM Dog Supplement

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Comes in  30, 60, or 120 tablet packs.

Lintbells is a UK based company dedicated to improving the health of dogs, cats and horses, founded on sound nutritional science and focused on high quality and performance, the supplements deliver the promised health benefits to your pet.

YuCALM Dog is a premium supplement for stressed or anxious dogs.

The clever combination of scientifically proven ingredients make a tail-wagging difference, by supporting natural calming pathways in the brain.

YuCALM Dog contains 60 tablets and is an effective way to help reduce stress and support dogs to become more happy and playful, it's ideal for pets who are fearful of fireworks, other dogs, strangers, and other triggers.

Benefits: Helps reduce stress, Supports calm behaviour, Eases anxiety.

This is a complete formula to support a calm and happy dog with natural and scientifically proven ingredients.

Suitable for dogs, not suitable for pregnancy or lactation period.

Ingredients: Lemon balm (20%), L-Theanine (17%), Fish protein hydrolysate (5%)

Feeding Guide: Our daily recommendation is based on scientific knowledge, research and trials, but we do understand that every dog is different.

For this reason we recommend that you split the daily recommendation over the course of the day.

If you dog is feeling over subdued or over sleep we recommend to reduce to daily recommendation by half.

If your dog is taking more than 1 YuCALM Dog tablet a day we would recommend to spread the ration out throughout the day.

Very small dogs: (Up to 7kg): 1/2 tablet Small dogs (8 - 15kg): 1 tablet Medium dogs (16 - 30kg): 2 tablets Large dogs (31 - 45kg): 3 tablets Very large dogs (over 45kg): 4 tablets.

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