Lift Support

Type: Pharmacy
Help your pooch get around easily and comfortably with the Lift Support & Rehabilitation Lifting Harness. It’s recommended by veterinarians and used in vet hospitals and clinics to help dogs with weak hind legs walk. Durable construction is sturdy to support your dog’s hind end so your pooch can have more mobility with your help. It features adjustable height straps so you can stand up straight while supporting your dog with less back strain. Easy to use, it’s perfect for senior dogs with limited mobility or joint conditions like arthritis or degenerative myelopathy, and pups recovering from knee, hip or back surgeries or injuries.

Key Benefits
  • Veterinarian recommended helping dogs with weak hind legs get around comfortably with your help.
  • Padded gently hugs your dog’s belly without bunching, while you support your dog’s hind end using the comfy padded handle.
  • Great for after surgeries or injuries or dogs with joint conditions.
  • Assists with walking, getting into the car, up and down steps, and is ideal for dogs that need some help going potty.

Always follow instructions from your veterinarian for your dog's specific condition.