Pet Box Accessory Kit for Karcher OC3 Mobile Dog Washer

Type: Grooming
We all enjoy a good walk and none more than our 4 legged friends. But as we know they also love a muddy puddle which can be extremely messy when we get into the car or walking into the house, so we have been on a mission to find the best dog cleaners on the market. 
Introducing the pet box kit, which works with the Karcher OC3 mobile cleaner, specially tailored to make the perfect pet washer. 
This pet box box kits comes complete with optimally tailored accessories: The conical jet nozzle with a comfortably soft shower stream for cleaning sensitive animals, the fur-cleaning brush for removing stubborn dirt from animal fur and the special microfibre cloth (absorbs a lot of water and eliminates unpleasant odours) to dry off the animal. The box of accessories can simply be fixed to the machine for storage purposes. Karcher OC3 mobile cleaner sold separately.