Innopet Hercules 2.0 Extra Large Dog Stroller

by Innopet
Type: Stroller

The InnoPet® Buggy Hercules stands alone in the market of pet strollers by offering the safety and security you want for your larger-sized dog. It will enable you and your aging pet to continue to enjoy all of your daily routines of walking and trekking about together.

  • The heavy-duty construction supports up 50 kg
  • This bicycle trailer can carry up to 50 kg and is therefore ideal for large breeds!
  • The InnoPet® Buggy Hercules is one of a kind in providing the safety and security for the larger dog. It will allow the client and his or her dog to enjoy all the daily routines such as walking and going out together. The Hercules 2.0 Set is complete with bicycle bar and is now also a bicycle trailer! 

    * The sturdy construction supports up to 50 kg

    * Plenty of room for the dog to sit or lie comfortably.

    * The multiple openings provide good access and ventilation.

    * The light aluminium frame ensures a stable and sturdy construction.

    * Easy to remove pneumatic tires by means of Quick-release system.

    * The tires provide excellent shock absorption

    * The tires contain reflectors for good visibility.

    * The push bar is adjustable in three heights

    * Foot control lever, for manoeuvring over curbs and obstacles.

    * The storage bag on the back allows you to carry snacks and essentials.

    * Bicycle bar sold separately