Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer


The summer has finally arrived, perfect for pottering around in the garden and enjoying the sun on our skin to lift our spirits.  Obviously, our furry friends love to spend that time with us too and going for their hour of exercise, chasing bees and butterflies!  However, every year many dogs suffer from heat stroke this condition happens extremely quickly leaving little time to react.  Do not worry, Slickers Doghouse has many preventative solutions for your best friend to keep him safe, happy and active all summer.

Our Cool Coats have been independently tested and scientifically proven to reduce the temperature of even an already overheated dog to normal within 5 – 10 minutes without the concern of causing cold shock. Your dog stays dry and all the heat between your dog and the coat is evaporated keeping your dog cool in even the hottest temperatures for at least 4 hours.

Cool Bandana simply wet under a tap and give your dog a soothing neck chill.

Cool Mats, no need for refrigerators or freezers, our non-toxic gel filled cool mats stay upto 10 degrees cooler than the ambient room temperature making them the perfect place for your dog to laydown and take a breather.

Cool Bowls, there is nothing worse than drinking warm water so our cool bowls can be soaked in water and frozen to help keep your dogs’ water nicely chilled for longer.

All Road Boots, these lovely robust boots have a fantastic gripped sole providing ideal protection from hot pavements, cuts, mud and snow and ice.