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Why would you need a dog stroller?

Why would you need a dog stroller?

Dogs have long since been companions to the lives of mankind, and the modern world is becoming increasingly friendly to our four-legged friends, especially here in Cornwall where more restaurants, hotels, self-catered stays and attractions than ever are opening their doors to our canine counterparts. Technology is bettering itself too, with entrepreneurs springing up around the globe with the aim of improving the lives we share with our pups. As an example, many of you will have seen at least a few people pushing what looks like a pram, only for the lolling tongue and floppy ears of a dog to appear from beneath the canopy! Many of you may also have looked with an element of disdain upon the user, wondering whether a stroller for a dog is perhaps a bridge too far when it comes to indulging the whims of our beloved fur babies. But as is so often the case, the technology behind the industry’s leading strollers was born out of genuine necessity – the need to ensure that dogs with one of a spectrum of conditions could continue to enjoy the life-enriching experiences that the outdoors have to offer.

Getting out and about

So, who are strollers for? The first and perhaps most obvious, are elderly dogs who may not be as mobile as they once were. The thing is, as any dog owner will tell you, even as they age our pets love nothing more than being around their owners, and can you imagine being told that you couldn’t accompany your best friend anymore because you couldn’t keep up? Strollers enable older dogs to get some warm sun and fresh air, which is as good for the soul as it is for us humans.

Man riding a bike attached to a dog stroller

Poorly Pooches

Injured or sick dogs also benefit from a stroller, allowing them the chance to recuperate whilst enjoying time outdoors. Paralysed dogs, too, will certainly appreciate getting outside, and a stroller can provide a practical solution to ensure that your time is still spent as well as it can be together. There are also particular conditions that can warrant the investment in a stroller or trailer. These include heartworm, which calls for dogs to be inactive for months in order to prevent damage to their organs, and hip dysplasia. Dogs suffering from hip and elbow dysplasia are often larger breeds that have, so far, enjoyed an active life, and while surgery can help some of those affected, others are unfortunately not good candidates for surgical intervention. In those cases, being able to use a stroller will allow your pooch to continue exploring the world with you, without putting undue strain on their condition.

Stroller Versatility

Thinking on an individual level, every dog has his or her own personality, and just as is the case with humans, certain individuals simply don’t deal well with crowds. It might be that they become nervous, anxious, or even overly protective of their personal space. In any of these instances, a stroller can provide a sanctuary away from the environments that might otherwise stress them out. Other situations where this might come in handy include urban settings where lots of foot traffic might pose a risk to older or smaller dogs; walks in hot weather where the well-ventilated chamber of a stroller would be much more comfortable than the direct heat of the sun; and extreme cold, especially for dogs who won’t tolerate wearing boots or coats but who would happily snuggle up in their own little blanketed cocoon.

Woman securing dog into it's dog stroller

In short, despite what might first come to mind when we see the furry fringe of a hound fluttering in the breeze beneath the canopy of a stroller, there’s a good chance that the carrier was bought for the welfare of its occupant – to ensure an enriching life in the outdoors that they might otherwise have struggled to cope with.


It’s for all of the above reasons that we at Slickers stock a comprehensive range of trailers and strollers from one of the industry’s leading brands, InnoPet®. Manufacturing and providing a unique, wide range of high-quality pet strollers, trailers, trolleys and carriers, InnoPet® has become the trusted industry brand when it comes to mobility for your pet. The driving force behind the brand is to deliver both innovation (as the name might suggest) and industry leading quality in every product that leaves the factory.

Here at Slickers, we stock a wide range of InnoPet® products, ensuring that those hoping to get out and about in the Duchy with their furriest of friends can continue to do so, regardless of age, size or condition. With models ranging in size and style, from £114.95 all the way to £505, be sure to stop by our store in Padstow and see each of them for yourself. If you’re desperate to find a way to make the most of Cornwall with your pet, then a stroller could well be for you. And if a stroller is for you, then we can think of no better brand to recommend than InnoPet®.

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