Slickers Loves… Dicky Bag!

Slickers Loves… Dicky Bag!

Slickers Loves… Dicky Bag!

As dog-walking counties go, Cornwall has to be up there with the very best in the UK. Miles of rolling countryside, bridleways and footpaths between coasts, with patches of woodland and forestry, not to mention the seemingly endless miles of the South West Coast Path, all combine to make the county paradise not just for humans hoping to make the most of the great outdoors, but their furry friends, too. Whether they’re running free on one of the dog-friendly beaches, or by your side on the lead as you walk along the cliff paths, Cornwall provides a sensory playground that canine companions simply love.

However, part and parcel of owning a dog is ensuring that you pick up after them. After all, there’s nothing more annoying than coating the soles of your shoes in un-scooped poop that somebody before you left lying on the path! This is where the Dicky Bag comes in – designed to enable you to travel responsibly with your dog, without parading poop around like a trophy as you search in vain for a bin.

The award-winning and stylish neoprene Dicky Bag is lightweight, airtight, washable and, crucially, leak proof. It can also be attached to you or your dog, and stores those nasty knotted plastic bags until you find a suitable bin in which to discard it. The best part is that the Dicky Bag is of British design and made here in Cornwall!

With a storage pouch for bags of poop, plus a dispenser in the lid for rolls of fresh bags, it’s the all-in-one solution for keeping on top of your furry friend’s often untimely poops. Dicky Bags come in a range of colours, from bold, block colours, to patterned and even breed-specific designs. What’s more, depending on the size of your dog – or the number you’re out walking – there are four different sizes to choose from, ranging from Extra Small all the way to Large.

Of course, as is the nature of its purpose, you might be wondering about the smell drifting from the pouch every time you open it, but fear not! You can keep your Dicky Bag smelling fresh with a Dicky Disc air freshener, again, available in sizes to suit your chosen bag!

As you can imagine, the Dicky Bag has proven immensely popular with dog owners not just in Cornwall, but around the UK. But the reason for such popularity goes well beyond mere practicality. In fact, for those (like us!) who believe that practicality should never come at the cost of style, Dicky Bag produces a range of other accessories and necessities that are designed to remain in tune with your Dicky Bag of choice. Dicky Treat Bags, for instance, have the same neoprene construction, with belt loop, karabiner and Velcro wraps making them super easy to attach to belts, trousers or leads. They also provide quick finger and thumb access to treats, without the need to mess around with snaps, zips or drawstrings.

The brand new Max (bum) Bags, meanwhile, provide a large neoprene pouch that can be worn on your belt or used in conjunction with a Dicky Shoulder/Belt Strap, across your body or around the waist, providing the perfect storage for items that might otherwise fall out of your pockets, including all types of mobile phone. A simple design includes a divider in the back to make sure the screen of your phone is protected from other items that could scratch it, while a long zip affords easy access without allowing the contents to fall out. There are loops at each end to add your other dicky favourites such as Dicky Bag and Treat Bags Not only is it the perfect solution for stashing items during dog walks, Max Bags are ideal for festivals, holidays, or other activities such as horse riding and cycling. It’s also ideal for must-have emergency equipment, including EpiPens, inhalers, and other medical kit that you can’t justify leaving the house without.

If you’re after something with a little more room, then let us introduce you to Dicky’s Hugo Bag. This nifty piece of kit has so many uses that you’d think it was designed by Mary Poppins herself! Its blind-stitched, airtight leak and smell-proof design is ideal for any smelly situation. That said, its thermal properties are also useful for keeping your lunch at a cool temperature, while the durable, waterproof construction is perfect for portability near the sea with larger, valuable items. Again, it can be attached to a Dicky Shoulder/Belt Strap, while webbing on the back of the bag creates three smaller loops, to which you can attach smaller Dicky Bags with carabiners, creating an all-in-one utility solution for you and your pup’s adventure.

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