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How to keep your dog safe by the water

How to keep your dog safe by the water

A summer of sun, sea and sand is upon us, and by now we hope you and your furry friends have already spent some time in the great outdoors, basking in the lovely weather and making the most of this most explorable of counties! There’s lots more to come, and here’s to keeping our fingers crossed for a toasty shoulder season. By the sea here in Cornwall, there is lots to keep us busy; walks on the South West Coast Path, runs along Cornwall’s dog-friendly beaches, and visits to its many dog-friendly attractions. But what if, instead of ‘by’ the water, you want to enjoy some time together on, or in it?

Whilst we ourselves might be confident taking to the water, whether it’s swimming, sailing, or even just going for a paddle, imagine what even the smallest looking waves along the shoreline must look like to those whose eyes are just a foot or two off the ground. Scary, right? Of course, as many owners will know, some dogs would happily bound into even the biggest surf without a care in the world. However, whether or not they’re confident swimmers, the classic doggy paddle can only get them so far, especially if there are currents to contend with as well as the Cornish breakers, so it makes sense to arm them with the necessary safety kit in order to ensure that, if all else fails, they can stay afloat whilst somebody wades out to get them. Note: in really rough conditions, we strongly advise seeking the help of lifeguards on beaches that have them, and where they don’t, calling the Coastguard.

Life by the sea

At Slickers, we take water safety seriously. We live by the sea, and we know how dangerous it can be without due precaution – even on the calmest of days – which is why we have meticulously sourced a range of functional, comfortable flotation devices to help our four-pawed customers stay out of hot water. First of all, let us introduce you to the Dog Flotation Device (DFD) from EzyDog. Whether your dog has trouble swimming, or just needs more confidence in the water, the foam on the inside of these devices has been strategically placed to keep yours swimming in an upright position. What’s more, while many other dog life jackets do not actually float, and can wear over time, whether sailing, fishing or just playing on the beach, the DFD will keep your dog safe.

Features include an ergonomic ‘grab’ handle, should you need to paddle out and retrieve your retriever, as well as unique, ultra-buoyancy foam that ensures your dog will always stay afloat. Padded chest straps keep things comfortable, while a super-strong Nylon D-Ring allows you to transport and secure your dog when required. Available in six sizes, from Micro all the way up to Extra Large, the DFD is a good choice for owners hoping to spend time near the water this summer.

Dog wearing waterproof coat on beach

The same can be said for EzyDog’s latest release, the X2 Boost Dog Flotation Device. The second generation of the aforementioned DFD, this new design provides the same high amount of flotation, but with new features and a custom fit. Additional features on the X2 Boost include a streamlined, ergonomic fit, better flotation distribution with foam passing beneath your dog’s belly, a comfortable neoprene grab-handle, and reflective piping for high-visibility. There is also an attachment point for safety lights – handy for night-time or foggy-weather strolls – as well as a revolutionary top pull collar adjustment: a fixed collar that still allows maximum adjustment and buoyancy to your dog’s neck and head.

Paws firmly on the ground

If your dog, like many of us humans, prefers to keep all four paws on terra firma, then you may wish to find an alternative solution to keep them cool. Especially on hot days on the beach, where shelter from the sun can be hard to find, a KeepCool Coat could be just the ticket. In fact, there’s plenty you can do to keep your dog safe this summer, so be sure to check out our previous blog, which includes advice the prevention of overheating, hydration, paw care, and precautions near the water.

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