Essentials for dog walks in the spring

Essentials for dog walks in the spring

Essentials for dog walks in the spring

At Slickers Doghouse, we cannot be the only ones who are fed up with dog walks in this horrid wet weather. It’s enough to dampen anybody’s spirits, especially those of us who love getting out and about in Cornwall with our furry friends in tow! Well, fortunately, spring is almost upon us, and (fingers crossed) it’ll bring some nicer weather with it. And with the weather set to improve over the coming weeks and months, we thought we’d provide those of you in need of fresh equipment for the season with some ideas and suggestions for making the most of your spring walks.

Safe and secure

For dog walks through fields with livestock, along the coast path, by rough seas or on beaches with dog bans, it pays to keep your dog secure with a leash. Fortunately, with the DWAM dog leash, you can do so without cramping your canine’s style. With a fixed length of 162cm and produced in a sun-shiny yellow, it’s just what you need to brighten those Cornish walks after such a grey winter.

Cool canine collars

If your pooch’s collar has seen better days, its condition having been worsened after such a long and dreary winter, then this stand-out Rebel collar from DWAM is sure to help. A classic boho piece, this collar comes in Small, Medium and Large sizes to suit furry friends of myriad different breeds.

Another option, also from DWAM, is the Brown Teddy. Arguably the most comfortable collar in the world, it’s ideal for those early spring walks where the temperature is still low. It’s also suited to those who like to swagger around with the collar! Finished with a soft Teddy fabric inside, it’s super soft but robust enough to stand up to the life of any four-legged explorer. 

Eye protection for adventurous dogs

Running around Cornwall’s coast and countryside sure is fun! What isn’t quite so appealing, however, is the thought of scratching your pooch’s eye on the undergrowth. And whilst it’s hard to stop them from running through hedges as they follow those glorious trails of scent, it’s easy to keep them from damaging their eyes. Introducing Rex Specs Dog Goggles, designed for the active dog. Stable and secure whilst allowing for full jaw motion and field of view, these specs will protect your best canine friend’s eyes from environmental hazards, as well as harmful sun rays. They come with one set of clear lenses, and another lens of your choice, depending on the colour combination you choose. Available in six sizes to suit any pooch, along with a range of 11 colours, doggy safety has never been more stylish!

For older dogs and little legs

Cornwall is a playground for dogs who love to explore, with endless miles of coastal and countryside walks for you to enjoy together. That said, smaller breeds may find it difficult to keep up on longer stretches. What’s more, older dogs with stiffening joints may simply not have the energy at all. Fortunately, Slickers Slings provide the perfect solution; with a range of sizes to suit different breeds and having been stress tested to cope with dogs weighing up to 25kg, Slickers Slings are ideal for a range of uses. It could be taking your pooch on public transport, keeping younger pups close and out of harm’s way, carrying those with little legs when they start to tire, or giving older dogs a chance to get outside and enjoy the fresh Cornish air. However old your pooch, and however long their legs, Slickers Slings mean there’s no reason you can’t get out and enjoy this beautiful county together.

Nothing like a bit of fresh hair!

Yes, we’re talking about grooming. As you start to spend more time outside, running along muddy trails, bounding across the sand and doggy paddling in the sea, grooming your dog becomes key, but it can be done easily and effectively with a combination of specially-designed products.


Shampooing is essential for any outdoorsy dog owner! Slickers’ Fur Baby Shampoo brings a wonderful baby powder fragrance to your dog’s coat. Strong on dirt but gentle on their skin, simply dilute 20 parts water to 1 part Fur Baby Shampoo and work an even lather over your furry friend’s coat. 


After shampooing, in order to detangle and prevent static, use Slickers Soft Conditioner. This all-over animal conditioner is especially formulated to enrich, detangle, condition and prevent static on show dogs and those with easily tangled fur. Dilute the conditioner with up to ten parts of warm water before use, then apply to the wet coat of your dog after shampooing. Massage into the coat before thoroughly rinsing with clean water, and allow your pooch to enjoy a clean, shiny and, most importantly, fresh-smelling coat for weeks to come!


Brushing should be another key part of any owners’ dog-grooming routine, and with the Pet Teezer Brush, de-tangling and de-shedding their coats has never been easier. A brand based on innovation, with a focus on addressing the grooming needs of dog owners in a gentle and efficient way, this brush from Tangle Teezer allows you to gently detangle without any tugging or pulling, even on the finest hair. What’s more, the ergonomic shape of the brush helps reduce wrist sprain during periods of brushing! Using a patented two-tier teeth technology, the long teeth gently remove dirt, reaching confidently down to the undercoat, whilst the shorter teeth smooth the hair and protect it against matting. Designed to be used on both wet and dry coats, the Pet Teezer brush is a must for any dog owner’s grooming kit.

If you're on the hunt for something specific this spring to help make the most of your dog walks around Cornwall, then be sure to get in touch! We're always happy to help in-store in Padstow, or if you'd prefer to give us a call, that's fine too!

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