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Does your dog need a winter coat?

Does your dog need a winter coat?

Mums, dads and children will all be familiar with these five key words, especially in Cornwall. Particularly in the depths of winter the weather here in Cornwall is unpredictable at best, and leaving your coat hanging on the hook before venturing out into the outdoors can often prove a mistake that you find yourself regretting for the majority of your walk. So, how must your dog feel? While all of the two-legged members of the family are wrapping themselves in scarves, fastening zips and lacing up their best boots, dogs are often expected to be able to cope with whatever the weather throws their way with the coat that nature gave them. But what’s different about a soggy coat of fur compared to a drenched-through fleece, without a barrier to keep off the rain? And for short-haired breeds, when the temperatures dip towards the bottom line and below, can you really expect them to endure the chill without an extra layer to lock in their body heat? 

While many breeds do, of course, thrive in the wet and cold, the answer for many others is a resounding “no”. This is why, at Slickers, we offer a range of different dog coats, designed for owners to help protect their pooches from the worst of the winter weather.

Wax Dog Coats 

The first we’ll examine are Earthbound’s Premium Wax Dog Coats, with varying sizes and shapes to fit a variety of breeds, including a specialised Dachshund collection. Offering a stylish look, with a plain but genuine British wax fabric on the outside and a cosy, cotton-quilted tartan interior, the buckles on these coats are corrosion resistant to help them cope with wet weather, and there’s a harness hole built in to make walkies more comfortable. 

Dog Green Wax Jacket

Tweed Dog Coats

Available in the same sizes and shapes as its Premium Wax range, Earthbound’s luxurious Tweed Dog Coats are also enormously popular. The outside is made of real tweed, but on the inside, your pooch can luxuriate in the soft and cosy Sherpa or Fleece lining. Made in the UK and available in three colours, with the option of Sherpa or Fleece lining, these are proof that function need never mean sacrificing on style.

Ruff and Tumble Classic Collection

Another popular brand for dog coats is Ruff and Tumble, and for good reason. Not only are the quality and designs of these drying coats exceptional (hence our own choosing to stock them!), they are also available in a range of styles and designs, and made to fit a whole spectrum of different breeds. There’s the Classic Collection, with four colours to choose from and 14 sizes (including Basset Hound small, Basset Hound large, and Corgi). They are also adjustable, allowing you to fit your coat perfectly to your individual pup. Manufactured from high-quality, double-thickness cotton towelling, these coasts promise to dry damp dogs in minutes.

Two gorgeous dogs wearing Ruff & Tumble coats

Country and Design Collection

Employing the same fit and double thickness as the Classic range, the Country Collection features an additional stylish faux leather trim, well and truly standing them out from the crowd. Select from seven sizes (from XS to GSD), then pick Burgundy, French Navy or Mud (ideal for mucky pups!) and after a cold, wet and wintry walk, your pooch will certainly thank you. There’s also the Design collection, adding a fashionable twist to the tried-and-tested Classic model, and the Dachshund collection, with Mini, Tweenie and Standard sizes available for those bun-sized fur babies!

Element Dog Jacket

From EzyDog comes the Element Dog Jacket. With six sizes ranging from XS to double XL, the Element prevents the weather from getting in the way of you and your pooch’s outdoor adventure. With a waterproof outer and a fleece inner, it’s perfect for venturing out whatever the weather, and for when the temperatures really do drop, you can also choose the brand’s Thermax Thermogenic Vest! This first-of-its-kind coat is a ‘skin’ style jacket that’s designed to be worn beneath a collar or harness. Available in five sizes, from XS to XL, the Thermax Thermogenic Vest generates warmth by insulating your dog’s natural body heat, whilst enabling unhindered movement whilst out and about exploring your local trails.

Element Dog Coat

Rainstorm Coats

If it’s a raincoat for a smaller dog that you’re looking for, then Rainstorm Coats from Urban Pup might be just the ticket. Ideal for smaller breeds, these coats promise to protect them from the rain. And adjustable drawstring hood keeps the coat snug to your dog’s face, and a drawstring on the hem allows you to achieve a proper fit, keeping the body warm and dry. Soft fleece lining is supremely comfortable, whilst popper buttons make it easy to put on and take off, and for those walking after work in the dark, two hi-visibility stripes help four-legged wanderers to be easily seen, especially handy should your cold hands accidentally drop the lead!

Quilted Coat

Also ideal for smaller breeds is Urban Pup’s Quilted Town & Country Coat, which has been designed to provide lightweight warmth and unparalleled heritage style. Oozing class and as perfect for the city as it is for the countryside, this soft corduroy-collared coat is lined with elegant and classic fabric for maximum comfort; it’s lightweight yet warm enough for even the coldest of days, and a leash hole allows a harness to be worn underneath. 

Pug wearing Town and Country Coat

The Full Collection

As you can see, we have a magnificent selection of dog coats available here at Slickers. In fact, those we’ve listed above are but a selection of our full range, so if you have a four-legged friend who has yet to add their own coat to the family rack, check out our full collection and ensure your canine companion never gets caught out by bad weather again. 

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