All About Beco

All About Beco

All About Beco

Now if you've shopped at Slickers before, then you're fully aware of our love of Beco Pets and their products! But if you don't know much about Beco themselves then keep on reading, and hopefully you'll fall in love too!

Beco Pets have only one goal: To keep our pets happy and healthy whilst remaining both ethical and natural!

They are fully aware of the amount of plastic waste that is filling up our oceans and the greenhouse gasses that are accelerating climate change. And thankfully they are trying to be part of the solution. 

Currently, both in store and online we stock the following products just to name a few:


Poo Bags 

They do both compostable bags and bio-degradable bags. The compostable are made from cornstarch and break down fully in under 90 days! The degradable bags on the other hand, are broken down using an active agent called D2W. The bags break down so small that micro organisms are able to consume and fully digest them, all within 12-18 months. Every day, 17 million poops are deposited by Great British dogs! That lots of poop and lots of plastic poop bags going to landfill and eventually ending up in our oceans. If you ask me, Beco is definitely a much better alternative!


Made from up-cycled plastic bottles, better for the environment. "Help your pet live sustain-ably by choosing alternatives to single use plastics and high carbon products"Sustainability doesn't have to cost the earth.


No low quality cuts, bones, tails or feathers! Each recipe has all the natural protein, omega's and fats your dog needs, and the freshly prepared meat is digestible so your dog can absorb all the nutrients. They also use vegetables and pulses instead of grains.


Made from natural BPA free bamboo and rice husk, the Beco bowl is dishwasher safe, strong and durable. It will last for years in the home before breaking down once it is disposed of. Its as simple as that!


So long story short, we live for Beco at Slickers! We recently had a beco nutrition workshop, so comment below or send us a message if you missed it but would love the opportunity to attend one in the future!

Shop the range in store or online, just click the link below or type 'beco' in the search bar.*

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