Zara Dog Collar Zebra - Dog with a Mission

Type: Collar

Blue with zebra, just because we can.

Ever felt like a million bucks? Well, your dog is about to. The deep blue Zara from the Chique Boutique collection is especially made for luxurious doggos. Your dog will steal the show guaranteed, because this collar is made to shine.

Tough from the outside and soft on the inside. Your little buddy only deserves the best, that’s why we made the inside of soft and forgiving leather. Luxury may be comfortable.

All about this product

❤︎ Made in a beautiful zebra print. (But don’t you worry, it’s not a real zebra.)

❤︎ Details create the look, that’s why this collar is fitted with all the luxury details your dog needs.

❤︎ Made from beautiful soft leather on the inside, and firm leather on the outside. This collar is comfortable and chique!

❤︎ Closely stitched, the finish on this collar is outstanding.

Note: Before you order a collar, always check the size chart below. That way you can be sure of the right size for your dog! Dog with a Mission uses its own unique sizing system, so measuring a collar from another brand is not correct.