Sweetpee Gift Set

by SafeSol

Our Pet Gift Set is a great stocking filler containing two fab pet products.

Ideal for the pet lover who has everything.

Contains : SweetPee odour and stain eliminator ( Travel Size 50ml) and Gumdrops dental hygiene additive (100ml)

SweetPee (50ml spray)

Registered by the Vegan Society

Applications Include:

  • Handy to keep in your bag or your car.
  • Great to spritz round your car to get rid of the “wet dog smell”
  •  Use round your home or garden on hard and soft surfaces

Benefits Include:

  • Enzyme based therefore it breakdowns and destroys odours rather than masking them.
  • Tests show it is more effective on cat and dog urine than leading competitors.
  • Safe and easy to use- Simply remove solid waste and spray on Sweetpee.
  • Tackles smells animal urine, vomit and “wet dog”.
  • It does not contain ammonia.
  • Can be used on hard or porous surfaces.
  • Contains a stain remover.
  • Made in the UK

Patch test prior to use

Gum Drops (100ml)

Applications include:

Adding to your Pet’s drinking water to improve dental hygiene.

Benefits include:

Cleaner, plaque free teeth.
Healthier gums.
Gingivitis is prevented.
Anti bacterial formula prevents bad breath.
Safe to use around pets as directed.
No chlorine
Environmentally safe
Made in the UK