Leather Teddy Collar Brown - Dog with a Mission

Type: Collar

The most comfy collar in the world

The brown Teddy doesn’t need an introduction, it’s simply the most comfortable collar in the world. Ideal for the colder days, or for those that like to swagger around with their collar. One thing is certain, you’ll never go unnoticed with this cool collar.

The leather Teddy is finished with a soft Teddy fabric inside. Note that the collar is therefore slightly smaller than other DWAM collars. Super soft, but just as strong as you’re used from us.

All about this product

❤︎ Comfort, warmth, and then even more comfort, that’s the Teddy. On the inside this collar is made from soft Teddy fabric (Cotton/polyester).

❤︎ Deep brown firm leather on the outside. Tough and stylish.

❤︎ Beautiful details and matching tassels. The Teddy is comfortable and cool (but warm!) as can be.

❤︎ Made to survive anything. Durability and safety come first. These collars can really handle all adventures.

Size chart