Paddy Dog Jumper Pink


A unique and sustainable dog jumper made from the finest Z. Hinchcliffe & Sons lambswool. This gorgeous pink knitted dog jumper has a pinstripe design on one side and a check design on the other.

The Paddy Dog jumper is made to offer maximum comfort and effortless style. Each jumper has a double-sided rib, stylish adjustable turtleneck and a handy opening that you can feed a lead through. We give your dog the perfect amount of dancing space without compromising on the fit. 

WAG&WOOL knitwear is made using yarn of the highest quality and lovingly hand finished by knitwear specialists in England.

This design is Inspired by a once rescued friendly giant called Paddy, forever in our hearts and never forgotten. 

100% Hinchcliffe Lambswool, spun in Yorkshire 

Designed and Made in the UK 

WAG&WOOL label is made from recycled cotton, in the UK 

Wooky the model black Shitzu wears a size M, Baby the Chihuahua wears a size XS, Dash the Dachshund wears a small. Pablo the brown Patterdale Terrier wears a M