Dicky Bag Neo Skins

Type: Dicky Bag

Walking a dog is one of life's pleasures which is tainted with one huge downside; clearing up and transporting disgusting dog waste to a bin. This is always unpredictable and often far from a bin. With a Dicky Bag™ you're always prepared and have all you need to enjoy your walk again.

Introducing Dicky Bags New NeoSkins! Available is multiple colours and styles.

Premium finish - silky touch polymer coating which water runs off of. Wipe clean, cool machine wash or by hand.

The Dicky Bag™ is a great looking light weight container with odour prevention for those awkward plastic bags of dog poo... and a store for fresh ones too! It leaves your hands free and prevents inappropriate dumping of plastic bags of dog waste in the town or countryside.

Stop swinging that bag of poo! BAG IT, STASH IT, SEAL IT and enjoy your walk with your hands free.


-Storage Area for Fresh Pick Up Bags 

-4mm double lined Neoprene, light and robust 

-Glued and blind stitched (airtight seam joint for odour prevention) 

- Lid with unique odour prevention seal 

-Handy storage container when empty 

-Belt loop

-Bag structure is semi-ridged yet soft 

-Universal clip- attach to you, your dog, or lead 

-Renewable fragrance disc 

- Washable