Boho Juan Blue Leather Dog Collar - Dog with a Mission

Type: Collar

Unique on every dog.

The brown and blue Juan is a great collar for the colourful look. The Boho collection consists of handmade embroidered and stitched colourful collars. A timeless design combined with the most beautiful colours. 

This makes retrieving even more fun, this collar is a real mood enhancer. Watch out for jealous looks around you.

All about this product

❤︎ Made of flat stitched sturdy leather, with soft leather on the inside. Ony the strongest and most beautiful leather was good enough for these collars. Exactly what you and your dog deserve.

❤︎ Finished with a homemade design for a fresh bohemian look. Includes fringes at the ends for a playful look

❤︎ Copper coloured buttons complete the collar. Suitable for both boys and girls. Perfect for each dog.

❤︎ Made to survive anything. Durability and safety come first. These collars can really handle all adventures.

Note: Before you order a collar, always check the size chart below. That way you can be sure of the right size for your dog! Dog with a Mission uses its own unique sizing system, so measuring a collar from another brand is not correct.

Size chart