Summer essentials for dogs

Summer essentials for dogs

Summer essentials for dogs

Here at Slickers, we know the importance of having the summer essentials for dogs all ready to go. As we enter the warmest months of the year, we begin to leave the woolly jumpers at home; we carry an extra bottle of water, and may even adorn a summer hat to shelter from the midday sun. We take care of ourselves when the temperature rises, and there is no reason why we shouldn’t be doing the same for our four-legged friends. Keeping dogs safe and cool during summer is essential for their well-being, and it is our responsibility as dog owners. Whilst the Cornish coast may have that sea breeze to help cool down the hottest of days, Cornwall itself has a microclimate of its own, and can reach unfathomable temperatures for the south-west. We have compiled a list of must-haves to add to your toolkit this summer, to keep your dog happy and healthy.  

Keepcool Dogs Coats

Keepcool Dog Coats are specially designed to keep your dog cool, however hot it may get. This coat is a summer essential your dog cannot do without. They are environmentally friendly, and brilliant for all outdoor activities including walking, obedience training, car travel, or even sailing on your boat! They feel cool, and soft, to the touch. They are also lightweight, breathable, durable, and they do not drip. They also have adjustable velcro tabs that are simple, secure and comfortable for your pooch to relax in. 


Dog in garden

Ruff and Tumble Cool Coat / Dog Drying - Classic Collection

Similar to the above, but in a different style, our Ruff and Tumble Cool Coat, and our Dog Drying Classic Collection, offer the same cooling technology for your dog. This makes them a summer essential! By soaking the coat in cold water, then wringing it out before placing it on your dog, the cooling effects will start to work immediately. So whether it's warm indoors, or hot outdoors, your dog will stay cool. 


Cute dog wearing ruff and tumble coat

Cool Mats

Our selection of doggy cool mats is also a summer essential for your dog. These mats are filled with a non-toxic gel inner lining, designed to be five to ten degrees cooler than the outside temperature. With no refrigeration required, these mats are easy to carry around when on your holidays. It allows you to create an ideal spot for your dog to take a breather when needed. 


Cool Mat for dogs

Cool Bandanas

Created using a material that absorbs water, but without the dripping, these bandanas get to work immediately once soaked in cold water. Secure the bandana around your dog's neck with the simple and comfortable velcro straps, and give your dog a much needed break. By placing it around their neck, it instantly focuses its cooling effects on the most important areas. 


Cool Bandanas

Grip Trex Boots

When the air gets warm outside, and the sun is baking down, people sometimes forget that the ground heats up too. Wearing shoes, humans rarely experience this, however dog paws can really feel the heat! These Grip Trex Boots fasten comfortably to your pooch’s paws and allow the freedom to roam, without the consequences.


Grip Trex Dog Boots

Rash Vest

Given that most dogs have fur, we forget that they too can get sunburnt. For this reason, a rash vest can be a great investment.  With 50+ UV protection, these EzyDog Dog Rash Vests are the perfect accompaniment on a hot summer's day. They are also made in bright colours, so you’ll never lose your dog on those golden stretches of sands! 

Dog rash Vest

Rex Specs

Just like we would wear a sun hat, a t-shirt or sunglasses, so too should our dogs. These innovative specs are a must-have summer essential for when that sunshine glares in the sky. They come in a variety of sizes and colours, to suit any pooch, and offer 99.9% protection against harmful UV rays. All lenses are interchangeable, impact resistant and come with a durable foam edge to increase comfort. 


Rex Specs

Sun Cream

That’s right! There is a sun cream for dogs, and dog owners should be using it. This summer essential really does protect your dog from the sun's rays. Made using FDA approved ingredients, with added Aloe Vera, this non-toxic, non-oily sun cream is ideal for those upcoming summer adventures. Simply spray onto the area, or onto your hands, and apply liberally to more sensitive areas. 


Sun Screen for Dogs


VW pop-up tent 

Who says you can’t shelter from the sun in style? This protective pop-up tent, in the shape of a VW camper van, will have your dog relaxing in the shade when they need it the most. Thanks to its UPF50+ protection and durable fibreglass poles to keep it sturdy, it can accommodate three children and a dog, or all dogs! With a side and rear door, you can park it up wherever you need, ready for a day in the sun. 


VW Tent for dogs


Here at Slickers, we hope our list of summer essentials for dogs will help you and your pooch enjoy the weather that is on the horizon. 

These handy must-haves are great additions to your beach bag, so when you pick out your summer hat and funky shades, be sure to do the same for your dog. Check out our full collection of sun-protecting products here!

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