Dog strollers; experience a Cornish summer in style

Dog strollers; experience a Cornish summer in style

Dog strollers; experience a Cornish summer in style

Dog strollers have become ever more popular in recent years, as more and more dog owners embrace the ability to take their four-legged friend anywhere and everywhere. There are many reasons why dogs are no longer able to walk on their own, regardless, here at Slickers we are proud to say that we endeavour to provide stroller options for those that are more restricted, but still wish to enjoy the company of their companion. We know that dogs are not just pets, they are our best friends, a part of the family, so we understand how important it is to do our best by them and to make them as comfortable as possible. There are so many products on the market now that enable us to do just that, to bring a splash of joy and relaxation to our pups at any moment in time, that’s why we love our dog strollers and the possibilities that they bring. 

Fluffy dog in a dog stroller

Why do you need a stroller?

Anxious/small dogs

The height of summer can be a busy time for everyone, let alone in the winding streets of Cornwall, where crowds can get a little overwhelming. Investing in a dog stroller for dogs that are on the smaller side, or are perhaps a little more anxious than most, provides a great option for keeping them safe from stress and from the hustle and bustle of big human feet! Popping your pup into a dog stroller allows you to meander this beautiful county in the knowledge that your best friend is safe, secure and can still enjoy the sights and sounds from above the ground. 


Anxious dog in dog stroller


Cover from the sun

We all know that the sunshine can be a hazard to humans, but it can be for dogs too! With their thick coats and sometimes dark skin, the sun and heat can become dangerous in no time at all. By having a dog stroller in your arsenal of doggy products, it gives you the option to provide a shaded, cool space for your pup to relax and take a breather when needed, especially on those longer days out. We have a variety of strollers to choose from, so there’s no doubt that you'll be able to find one that suits your needs. 


Dog in the sunshine


For the old and infirm 

As the saying goes, dogs aren’t just for Christmas! They are our companions for life, and will be with most of us for over a decade, through the highs and lows that life can bring. Unfortunately, age catches up with the best of us, so when our furry friends reach their golden years, we need to do what we can to make them comfortable. That is why a dog stroller is such a great accompaniment when it comes to it. It is a space for your dog to rest when walking becomes a little too much, allowing them to enjoy the smells of the outdoors, and the wind in their fur, for a little while longer. 


Old dog lying on the grass

Protect their paws

It should come as no surprise that the sun is hot, of course it is. And I'm sure we have all experienced stepping outside onto the decking or patio in the height of summer and getting a little surprise underfoot when we realise the ground is scorching! So why then, do we insist that our dogs cannot feel such things? Protecting our pups paws should be paramount when the sun reaches its peak, and we can do this by buying a dog stroller. If you aren’t using it to carry your shopping, then letting your dog take the seat gives them a break from hurting their little paws on the hot ground. 


Dog Paws



Here at Slickers, we love an accessory, and that’s why we love this raincover from InnoPet®. Perfect for those rainy showers Cornwall is so notorious for in the summertime, keeping your dog dry and saving you from having a damp dog in the car at the end of the day. We also love this Bike Connector Rod, which is a great way to take your dog for the ride of its life along one of our many cycle ways across the Duchy!  


Use the bike connector rod for handsfree exploring!


Hiring services

We understand that investing in a dog stroller is maybe not something you need in your life full time, but perhaps a holiday treat. That’s why we have introduced our hiring services for customers in and around the Padstow area that wish to experience a dog stroller for themselves. Our Hercules Innopet Dog Stroller and our Innopet dog stroller are both available for hire, so come in store or give us a call today to enquire, and get your Cornish summer holiday off to a rolling start with us here at Slickers.

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