Dog grooming this summer

Dog grooming this summer

Dog grooming this summer

Dog grooming this summer is a task that may seem mundane, but is of the utmost importance for the welfare of our pups. As the temperature reaches summer highs, our four-legged friends are busy shedding their winter layers for something a little lighter. This is where us humans play a part, because they can’t do it all on their own! Grooming our dogs can be an enjoyable task for all involved, and we hope our little guide can get you started on the right foot…or paw. 


This is the first stage for dog grooming this summer. The humble brush! Our soft grade curved brush is ideal for removing matted fur and clearing tangled tails. Here in Cornwall we are no stranger to our beloved sandy beach walks with our dogs, but without a thorough brush and clean afterwards, sand, grit and dirt can cause skin irritations quickly. Giving our dogs a brush once we've arrived home is a great way to keep them dirt free. We have a selection of brushes on our website that are suitable for all dog breeds, so take a look! 

Little dog enjoying a brush!

Bath time!

We haven’t met a dog that doesn’t love bathtime! Especially when treats are involved, which can be useful when trying to coax your pooch into the tub. Washing our dog every few weeks ensures their coat stays strong, clean, healthy and dirt free. Be careful not to do it too regularly though, as dogs need the essential oils that their fur provides, just like we do with hair washing. 

We stock our very own range of dog shampoos, conditioners, and skin/coat care products for all sorts of needs. Like our Doggy Detangler, a scrumptious smelling, fast acting spray, formulated to specifically help in the grooming of long coated animals which matt easily. Or why not try our Slickers Citrus Fresh Shampoo, this specially formulated concoction is enriched with natural essential oils, along with grapefruit and lemon to thoroughly cleanse and neutralize unpleasant or stinky odours in the coat. And if your pooch is prone to the occasional roll in things that aren’t pleasant, our Fur Baby Cologne is also a great way to keep them smelling fresh everyday!

All our products are made with natural, superior ingredients including essential oils, Tea Tree, Calendula and colloidal silver, so they are a great addition to your doggy coat care routine! 

Dog enjoying a bubble bath


Dog grooming this summer comes with an extra layer of care and attention. As the sun starts to shine, the zoomies kick in! And with this, comes some unavoidable accidents. Cuts and grazes are a natural part of owning a dog. By purchasing a pot of our B-Balm, you will always be ready to treat your poorly pup when they hurt themselves. Ideal for sunburns and insect bites too, this little ointment will add some antiseptic properties to any wound. You could also look at kitting your dog walking kit out with a bottle of our Tea Tree and Aloe Vera spray. This soothing spray is great for a variety of skin conditions. 



Whilst dogs may have a lovely coat to keep them warm in the winter, it doesn’t stop them from getting sunburnt in the summer. Stocking up on a bottle of our Warren London Dog Sunscreen provides your dog with a barrier against those harmful UV rays. This will keep the whole four-legged family protected when out exploring the Cornish coast this summer.

Dog enjoying the sunshine

Blunt is better! 

Whilst taking our dogs on regular walks is a great way to keep those claws semi-blunt, it doesn’t always do the job. In the summer months when outdoor adventures become more common, it’s important to keep those claws trimmed. This will prevent those painful breakages that can lead to infection or medical attention. The last thing you want is for your dog to be bed-bound when the sun is shining, so take a look at our Deluxe Nail Clipper, for all your clipping needs. 

Dog sitting with a towel on its head

Dog grooming this summer is a great way to keep dangerous dog problems at bay. By keeping them clean, cool and clipped, you’ll be setting you both up for a summer time full of adventures! Here at Slickers we are always on hand to help our furry friends in need, so take a look at our grooming selection for all your doggy essentials. If you have any questions about our products, or if you’d like some advice on what to choose, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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