YuCare Ear & Eye Cloth

This special cloth contains antibacterial and antifungal silver ions that destroy bacteria and fungi on contact- use with YuCare products or alone to gently remove stains, wax and debris.

How to Use

Eyes: Spray a small amount of YuCARE Eye Spray around the eye, then gently wipe with the cloth. If your pet is prone to a buildup of debris around their eyes, try cleaning every day.

Ears: Use 2-3 drops of YuCARE Ear Drops in the ear. Gently massage base of ear for 15-30 seconds, then use the cloth to remove wax or debris. If your pet’s prone to ear problems, try cleaning every day.

Please take care: Always visit your vet if you suspect your pet may have an ear or eye infection. Only clean the external ear area and top of the ear canal – don’t push the cloth inside the ear as you may cause pain or injury.