Beco Wild Boar Wet Food (375g)

The same amount of food as a tin, in even more sustainable packaging.

A healthy, ethical and sustainable complete wet food for dogs. This recipe is filled with traceable, ethical and certified sustainable ingredients, keeping your dog happy while preserving the wilderness we all love.

An ingredients CO2e is it's carbon footrpint. It measures the kg's of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses produced per 100g of meat.

100g Beef = 50kg CO2e
100g Lamb = 20kg CO2e
100g Wild Boar = 1.3kg CO2e

The wild lives of boar makes the meat lean & delicious, while reducing your carbon footprint.


Wild Boar (26%), Free Range Chicken (24.4%), Potato (2.4%), Carrot (2.3%), Broccoli (1%), Leek (0.5%), Sunflower Oil, Algae, Minerals, Lignocellulose.